We are quite sure that you have come across a range of earbuds in the past that touted they fit the natural contours of your ear comfortably, with a range of sizes to choose from as well. Sure those claims might be true to a certain extent, but there is still some room for improvement, which is why Stephen Ambrose came up with a new invention that intends to solve the custom fit dilemma – with the ADEL inflatable balloon earbuds.

The ADEL will come in two versions, where a “balloon” will completely surround a driver unit, where the membrane will replace the entire structure of a traditional earphone, including the plastic, metal, or wooden housing and eartip; in addition to a retrofit to existing eartips, where small vent holes are drilled into the collar that fits around an in-ear phone’s driver unit, followed by covering it with small sections of membrane.

A diaphonic pump can then be mounted in line or on the tiny drivers (due to its extremely small design) that sees action in earphones, and while inside the balloon units, it will turn what used to be wasted energy by moving driver into inflation pressure so that the membranes remain seated tightly in the ear canals. Now that’s a custom fit!

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