Envizions has just announced that they will be offering a brand new console for the masses later this year in the form of the EVO 2. Announced earlier this year, the console will arrive in the US later this fall, and just to make sure that you do not think of it as being vaporware, Envizions will be releasing the EVO 2 to developers later today for “free” – but there is a caveat to the whole shebang as they need to fork out an annual $149 software support fee before they are able to churn out any potential hit titles for it.

The console does not look like much – it seems to resemble more of an old school DVR (digital video recorder) or set top box at first glance, and as you can tell from the image above, the controller itself seems to take on the batarang shape that some might mistake for a cheap PlayStation clone. What we do know, however, is an unspecified 1.2GHz Samsung processor runs proceedings from within in addition to a “modified” version of the Android 2.2 operating system, OS.

Envisions claims that they will be introducing a motion sensor before the year is over, with its own points system thrown into the mix to help you purchase Android games with “EVO tokens.” Come on now, just charge it as it is instead of having our heads make more mathematical calculations to equate points or tokens with real world money. We need those brainpower to find a way to defeat aliens who are invading our world!

Expect to fork out $249 for the EVO 2 console when it ships – do you want to drop $15 and reserve a copy for yourself today?

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