Admittedly perhaps the title was a little frightening but it’s not too far from what Airbus has in mind, although probably with much better sounding intentions.


Building off our previous post about Airbus’s transparent plane concept, it looks like while the exterior of the plane will be transparent and providing a panoramic view while you fly (although to be honest most of the time what we will be seeing are clouds), Airbus hopes incorporate seats that are auto-morphing, molding to your shape and size and also to harvest the energy from your body through the excess heat that you produce. For those of us who tend to produce more heat than others, it will be good to know that your excess heat will help provide energy although we have no idea to power what, let’s just hope that they weren’t hoping to provide the energy required to power the plane!

Anyway if you were hoping to read about the plane’s transparent panoramic view, just head on over to our other post here for more information about this amazing, but rather scary, concept that Airbus has in mind.

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