Double Research & Development Co. has come up with a spanking new input device that it calls “amenbo”, where this unique device is capable of sensing movements and pressure of individual fingers. Complete hand movements can be directly input into the computer, from where it will be utilized in a range of applications that require complete hand recognition. Here’s what the manufacturer has to say about it, “We put a mouse sensor under each fingertip, and can input the coordinates for each finger as well as the downward pressure of each finger. This means that the actual hand motions are being input to the PC. For example, it is possible for the PC to receive the finger data for however many fingers are needed for an action, operating it with one or both hands.”


All fingers are all linked by a flexible printed mesh base which is constructed from stretchable material in order to accommodate a variety of hand sizes. An obvious area where this input device will see action would be to manipulate 3D CAD data, since doing so at the moment requires using a 3D mouse and a regular mouse alongside both hands.

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