Google intends to pave the way forward where electric vehicles are concerned, where the Internet search giant is looking to become the largest electric vehicle charging station operator in the country, having installed around 200 chargers with another 250 coming their way (in order status currently). This would bode well for those who work at the Google Campus, since it means you can safely purchase an electric vehicle without worrying too much about running out of juice when you arrive at your workplace. 

Google intends to have 5% of its parking spaces equipped with electric-vehicle chargers in the future, where all Googlers will be able to enjoy this facility for free. Google has worked with Coulomb Technologies to purchase these charge stations, where they will be networked so that folks can also use Google Maps to find a free charge spot or make a reservation.

Will other companies follow suit? Perhaps, but right now, Google remains the undisputed king of green cars where corporations are concerned.

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