Who says that big boys’ toys are reserved for just those who are of legal age to drink? Take a look around you – and see if that little clone of yours doesn’t already own so many gizmos and gadgets that would turn you green with envy when you were at his age. Why not pamper and perhaps, spoil him all the more with the Kid’s Walker from Japanese robot manufacturer Sakakibara Kikai? This large-size mechanical toy will definitely elicit more than just a smile on your boy’s face – not to mention the problem you will face in wrapping this up as a Christmas present.

The Kid’s Walker is actually up for sale, and your little one will be able to emulate the humans’ battle against the machines in The Matrix. Specially designed for kids, adults will just have to find their kicks elsewhere. The Kid’s Walker stands proud at 1.6 meters tall, tipping the scales at 340kg and runs on gas. So far, Sakakibara claimed to have sold 8 units at $22,100 a pop – and that, my friends, is before tax.

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