Verbatim has started to ship their Store ‘n’ Go Car Audio USB Drive to the masses, or at least sending them to retail stores throughout the country. Just what is the Verbatim Store ‘n’ Go Car Audio USB Drive all about? Well, this is essentiall a very small flash drive that is perfect for you to stash away your collection of MP3 tunes for on-the-road listening – granted, most folks already do that with their iPods, but what about those who have yet to jumped aboard the iPod/iPhone revolution? One of its main advantages would be the small size that is roughly that of a dime, and with 8GB of storage real estate, you get to cram in around 8,000 songs thereabouts. 

We certainly cannot argue with the $29.99 price tag for sure, and it might not have that many functions as compared to an iPod touch, but then again it isn’t supposed to go head to head with said portable media player from Apple but will rather hold the fort on its own.

Heck, you can even leave it in the USB port and use it as a long-term storage extension, since the drive is so slim and fall, it will hardly get snagged under most conditions. We have a feeling that most folks will lose this considering its small size and 2 grams in weight…

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