Voice Translate ProA developer named Fumbo has recently released an app on the OVI Store called Voice Translate Pro. Following in the footsteps of Google’s Translate app, it brings an easy to use and convenient voice translating service to Symbian devices. Funnily enough, it makes use of Google’s very own Translate API so it’s pretty much the same thing – just that it’s done by someone other than Google.

Users select the languages they would like to translate to and from, input text into the app and hit the translate button. Text is automatically translated into the language of choice, which users can then have the phone read aloud by hitting the “Say” button. This allows users to learn a language by hearing how the phone speaks to them, or they can use it to converse with people who speak in a different language as well.

With Google planning to charge a fee for its Translate API, we can’t be sure how long this app will be around, but hey – it’s still around now, so pick it up while it lasts. Voice Translate Pro is available for free from the OVI Store.

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