While researchers do their best to create robots that can replace humans, regular robot-looking robots are still around and haven’t been forgotten. Some folks at the Wroclaw University of Technology in Poland have been working on a robot called EMYS (Emotive head system) and have come up with a pretty impressive machine. With the use of sensors and programmed emotions, the robot can learn to recognize different situations and react accordingly.


In the demonstration video, when a cigarette was lit up, it gave a “stoned” look as if it was enjoying a blunt, while a pillow signaled the robot to yawn and then fall asleep. And that’s just the head alone. When connected to its body (which resembles a Segway), it gets an arm to point with and shake hands with but compared to the head, you can tell it needs a little more work there. Hit the break to watch both videos of the EMYS robot in action:

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