Garmin is turning to the Dark Side – in a good way of course: if you’re a die-hard fan of Star Wars, you can know download the voice of Darth Vader in your Garmin GPS, for a price, obviously ($12.99). The voice is accompanied by Star Wars music as well, but hopefully you won’t mistaken your vehicle for a TIE fighter when taking that highway exit.

Vader will basically provide you directions, empire-style, and will even congratulate you with an “impressive” when you get to your destination. The voices are randomized, so that you won’t always get the same sentence for a given situation.

$12.99 is a bit stiff, but I guess that Star War fans are known to not spare any expenses to live their dreams. What do you think? Oh — and if you don’t feel like joining the Dark Side, Yoda’s voice is also available. [Vader, Yoda]

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