3D movies are all the hype these days, in fact just about every major release will come with a 3D option and to be honest, not every movie needs 3D. I could understand James Cameron’s Avatar’s need for 3D as it really brought out the beautiful scenery, but for certain other movies it would have been just as good/bad without 3D.

There are some folks out there who avoid 3D movies, not only because they’re more expensive but because it can sometimes induce headaches, and even nausea, but that is the price they have to pay if they want to go see the latest movie with a bunch of 3D-happy friends. However if you really have no choice, then perhaps these De-3D glasses will solve your problems.

Typically how 3D movies work is by showing two overlapping images on the screen, with one image that is meant to be seen by the right eye and the other is meant to be seen by the left eye. What 3D glasses do is that they darken the eye that is not meant to see the image.

So how the De-3D glasses works, is that it apparently takes the image intended for the right eye, and delivers it to both eyes, delivering the movie to you in good old 2D. The system is said to work in any cinema that uses Real 3D technology. They’re available for $8.99 at ThinkGeek’s website. Does anybody else find this ironic?

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