You can either be as fast as Flash to get around without your enemies seeing you, feeling a gust of wind instead, or have some sort of magical cloak that renders you invisible to those around – the latter is far more exciting, since you can be a voyeur as long as you don’t end up sneezing or coughing to give your position away. Well, the realm of fantasy or science fiction has been crossed, thanks to research being conducted at the University of Texas at Austin – courtesy of a proposed use of graphene in delivering an “active, dynamically tunable invisibility cloak”.

The research will continue where two fields of previous work left off, and according to Andrea Alùn, at The University of Texas at Austin, “The graphene cloak idea stems from the mantle cloaking concept, which we have proposed at microwaves using frequency-selective surfaces, i.e., properly patterned conducting surfaces that can tailor their effective surface impedance at will.”

Does this mean we will see invisible aircraft in the near future? Probably not, but you can be sure that the military would definitely have a keen interest in this field as it would prove to be a huge tactical advantage to hit the enemy without being seen.

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