Love the summer and getting out under the sun for a tan, but hate slapping on some sunscreen in order to prevent diseases in the future such as cancer? Well, with the medical field working as such that popping a pill could more or less solve most problems, the same might be said of getting your daily dose of sunscreen in five years’ time through a pill. Researchers have been working on how corals shield themselves from harmful UV rays, and could very well use the process to develop an anti-UV compound for human use.


The sea has yielded many treasures to mankind for our overall general health, and this might very well be the latest in a long line of developments. Imagine the possibilities of such a tablet – it might just end up protecting not only your skin, but your eyes as well from those nasty UV rays! I suppose companies that churn out sunglasses need not worry since most folks wear a pair of sunglasses not only for protection, but to look good as well.

Needless to say, plenty of tests need to be conducted before something like this is ready and fit for human consumption – in the mean time, don’t forget your Banana Boat the next time you head out for a tan!

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