Audiophiles can probably appreciate how some speakers or headphones are handcrafted, meaning that the wiring, the fitting, the soldering, etc are all done by hand as opposed to being churned out by a huge machine. With these Jerrycan Gas Can Speakers they are pretty much made by hand as well, although we’re not sure if the somewhat premium asking price is worth it.

Made out of jerrycans (hence the name), these speakers will set you back £285 which is roughly converted to $470. For those unfamiliar with jerrycans, they are a container commonly used to store extra fuel for those times when you forget to fuel your car and it dies in the middle of nowhere.

Unfortunately the website selling the speakers did not have say anything about the sound quality, we can safely assume that the premium price you would be paying is to have the privilege of owning a rather unique set of speakers. Weighing in at 25KG, the speakers will be available in black, white, apple green, cheeky pink, duck egg blue, pumpkin orange or as pictured above, cherry red.

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