There’s something inherently organic about the way technology and nature blend together, despite them being polar opposites. These “tree stump” speakers by Thomas Laenner seems to have managed to accomplish just that.

As you can see based on the design, apart from the wires, you can’t really see any knobs or dials and that’s because the circular disc that controls the volume and power has been discretely hidden.

Specs wise, the tree stump speaker features two 4” speakers which also comes with a 3.5mm audio jack that in theory should be able to work with any media player, i.e. iPod, iPhone, Zune MP3 player, etc. It has also been designed to be able to attach a dock to it, from which you should be able to dock an iPod or iPhone and is said to have been designed that way to mimic a bird on a branch.

A wall-mounted version has also been designed and this time the image they’re trying to project is a tree growing out of a wall. Unfortunately if you were hoping to get your hands on the tree stump speaker, it’s just a concept that Thomas Laenner had come up with during his internship.

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