OnLive Voice ChatOnLive has just announced some new features to its video game streaming platform to improve the service’s overall experience. First up we have the introduction of parental controls. Parents can now restrict the content available to their kids and remove features such as chatting with strangers, Brag Clips and spectating. Parents with access to the code can easily bypass restrictions when it’s their turn to game.

Next we have the introduction of Group Voice Chat Beta – gamers can now voice chat in game with other gamers, as a spectator with other spectators, and with their friends no matter what they are doing – be it shopping for a new game or scoring some points in a game. Group Voice Chat Beta will also feature integrated email notifications that can alert OnLive gamers that they’re requested in a voice chat if they’re not logged into the service.

Lastly, Achievements can now be automatically shared with Facebook (similar to PlayStation achievements) so you don’t waste a single second when it comes to bragging amongst your friends. How many of you are OnLive gamers and how’s the experience like so far?

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