I’m sure most of us have experienced how noisy our computer fans can get at times. Usually we don’t notice when the fans get really loud but the minute they stop, it suddenly feels so quiet. Although there are times when the fans are whirring so loudly that you start to get a bit worried for your computer.

Swedish company RotoSub decided that since we can have noise cancelling headphones, why can’t we have silent fans as well? If that comparison seems a little strange, it’s not because the method used to silence the fans is somewhat similar to how noise canceling headphones work.

For those unfamiliar, noise canceling headphones work by using a microphone and a separate speaker which generates sound waves designed to cancel out the surrounding noise. RotoSub’s silent fan system implements the concept by changing the angle of attack of the fan blades ever so slightly, effectively canceling out the noise. Of course the sound of the air rushing through the blades can’t be helped, but the mechanical noise (which is culprit of the annoying sounds) should be quieter now, if not completely silent.

Gamers who keep their powerful computers running all night can now look forward to a good night’s sleep without the sound of their computer fans whirring in the background.

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