Plasma Speaker

If you’re interested in building your own set of Plasma Speakers, but you’re having trouble finding the parts and instructions – you’re in luck. A group of students who call themselves StudentRND want to teach you how to make Plasma Speakers of your own, and best of all – they’ll be providing you with the parts. Unfortunately they can’t give you everything for free, and that’s why they started a Kickstarter project page to help fund it.

Depending on how much you contribute, you’ll receive the partial kits and instructions to build a fancy looking Plasma Speaker of your own. However, for those of you who are too lazy or aren’t interested in DIY building – there is the option to purchase finished sets, but as expected, you’ll be required to fork out more cash. But the end result is pretty amazing – it’s definitely something to brag about because you can be sure that most people have never seen a Plasma Speaker in their life. Check out a video demonstration to see a Plasma Speaker in action:

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