Ever heard of Basis Science before? Don’t worry if you haven’t – we’re in the same boat, but this post is not about the popularity of a particular company, but rather, the kind of device that it offers. What we have here is the B1 Basis Band which will hit the market later this year, being a $199 heart and health tracker which will comprise of different sensors that are full well capable of measuring one’s heart rate continuously, not to mention other important details such as calorie intake, sleep patterns, and other physiological metrics.

In addition, the Basis Band will sport a touch pin interface – no, it is not an LCD touchscreen as reported in some other sources (presumably to keep up with the times, physical buttons are so passe these days), that enables one to navigate through the menu system in a jiffy. Heck, this touch pin interface even doubles up as a watch, showing off the time and date, making it an interesting replacement device to tell the time.

All information gathered can be tabulated onto a web-based personal dashboard which allows you to keep track of your heart rate, diet, and sleep among others. It will not be passive either, offering push notifications, suggestions, and a game-like experience so that you will be able to set and achieve realistic goals. Seems to be the perfect gift for those who already have set their sights on next year’s New Year’s resolutions.

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