Time lapse panoramas, for those unfamiliar, is like taking a regular panorama shot, with the difference being the objective in time lapse panorama is to get a moving object appear multiple times and in multiple positions all within a single panoramic photograph, like the one pictured above which shows the same plane taking off from left to right (it’s a bit hard to see, but it’s there).

For photography buffs, this could be a pretty fun shoot but how would one go about taking it? For starters there are tools that will aid in time lapse panoramic photographs, but usually with most camera equipment, they may be priced out of reach for the amateur photographer, which is why a user by the name of Getawaysmoments has come up with a cheap solution should you want to try your hand on time lapse panoramic photography.

He made use of two egg timers from IKEA, the Stam and the Ordning which are priced at $1.99 and $5.99 respectively. The difference in both timers is that the Stam is made out of plastic, and the Ordning is made out of what appears to be aluminum, making it more sturdy.

There’s no wiring or soldering involved, perhaps some drilling in the Ordning to fit it on a tripod, but it appears to work just fine! Not the most beautiful or elegant solution, but if you’re unwilling to drop more than $5.99 to kickstart your time lapse photography career, these IKEA egg timers will do the trick. Check out the video below for a demonstration or head on down to his website for detailed instructions.

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