Fisker Automotive has recently announced that they have inked a deal with BMW for their second-generation line of plug-in hybrid (a car that charges by plugging into an electric power source, but at the same time features as internal combustion engine) cars. The manufacturing is expected to take place next year and according to the deal, BMW will be providing up to 100,000 engine units per year at peak volume.

It seems the reason they chose BMW was due to the German-based car manufacturer’s reputation at producing gasoline engines which are extremely fuel-efficient. For those unfamiliar, Fisker’s first plug-in hybrid was the Fisker Karma (pictured above) that started seeing deliveries in summer this year.

The second plug-in hybrid is currently codenamed “Nina” and is expected to start shipping in 2013. For those looking for a plug-in hybrid vehicle with BMW technology behind it, we’re guessing this is one car you can look forward to, although given that the Fisker Karma came with a price tag of $95,000 for the base model, expect to fork out a hefty sum for the “Nina”.

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