How many times have you given out your number only to wish that you haven’t? It could be to a sales person at the mall, a guy/girl you’ve met at the bar while drunk, or a friend’s friend who later turned out to be weird. It could be any of those situations and more, but now they can’t seem to stop texting or calling you for various reasons, and short of changing your number, there’s really nothing you can do about it, at least until RingShuffle came along.

Basically what RingShuffle is about, it’s a service that assigns you disposable phone numbers that you can freely give out to people whom you’ve just met and are not comfortable with giving them your real number. The disposable number is valid for 7 days and whenever the other party attempts to call the number, it will then be forwarded to your real number, giving them the impression that the RingShuffle number you gave them was real.

If you’re the type that conducts a lot of transactions over Craigslist or eBay, or if you frequent online dating websites, it appears that RingShuffle could be something you will want to use to protect your privacy (as far as phone numbers are concerned at least). At the moment RingShuffle is available as an iPhone app, while users on other mobile platforms will have to use the web version.

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