The world of cinematography has certainly come a long, long way since silent movies that turned out to be hits, with stalwarts such as Charlie Chaplin making us split our sides in the process. How about the Three Stooges that had plenty of eye poking done without causing any blindness? Well, fast forward to today and the kind of special effects that you see on Hollywood would never have been envisioned a few decades ago. The kind of equipment used, too, probably cost many times my net worth. Well, German VFX company OMStudios figured out a creative way of using Red Epic’s super camera by installing it on a flying drone – a custom Octocopter so to speak, in order to record airborne videos in resolutions of up to 5k.

Sounds like fun, but you’d best master how to fly this drone as crashing would probably cause you to hear two breaking sounds – one of the Red Epic camera, while the other is that of you heart. Don’t you think that it would be less foolhardy to just rent a crane to get that special shot from above?

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