Eye Slack Haruka
Haven’t been able to get enough sleep recently and you’ve got eye bags to show for it? Well, there’s a solution to that problem. Some folks in Japan have come up with a useful little gadget called the Eye Slack Haruka (no I have no idea what it’s supposed to mean). Placed under your eyes for 3 minutes a day, this little massaging device is said to help get rid of the sagging skin around your eyes. The Eye Slack Haruka makes use of heat and vibrations to work its magic on your skin, and two different modes for different treatments to your eye bags. Also, it is powered by two CR2032 batteries.

While the product is Japanese, you can get it stateside through the Japan Trend Shop, however it will cost you a pretty penny, with a price tag of $132. The other alternative to getting rid of your eye bags would be to just sleep more but hey, if time doesn’t permit, you might want to give the Eye Slack Haruka a shot.

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