Google Business PhotosIf you’ve ever wished that you could see the insides of stores that you’ve never set foot into, you’re in luck. Google has recently announced the launch of a new service called Business Photos. Using a concept that’s similar to Google Street View, but instead of giving us a 360-view of the streets, Business Photos gives users a 360-degree view of what the inside of a store looks like. Of course, not all stores are available to virtually visit (since it’s an opt-in, and Google has to go over there to snap photos), but from the demos available on Google’s website, it looks really good.


Unfortunately at the moment, Business Photos isn’t integrated with Street View yet, which means you won’t be able to click on a shop while looking at it from the outside – to visit the interiors you’ll need to access them via its Place Page. There’s no telling how popular this service will be, and how many stores or business locations will choose to put its insides up on the internet, but it definitely is an interesting concept. Head to the Google Maps site to check out some examples.

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