Take a look at the documentary of any large cities and buzzing metropolises, and chances are you will see a swarm of humanity who walk around most of the day, being busy getting from one destination to the other. Ever wondered the potential of collecting all the energy generated through walking alone? That is what the kinetic energy harvesting Pavegen tiles were created for – to deliver a new method of collecting energy just in case there is an energy crisis sometime down the road.


These new tiles are the brainchild of Pavegen Systems director Lawrence Kembell-Cook, where footsteps are all you need. Imagine the potential of this system which will be able to help lower electricity costs in huge cities especially at areas where foot traffic is especially high. I would say that pavements outside subways as well as near supermarkets are possible prime locations to place these tiles. All the electricity collected can be used to power up essentials such as bus stops, street lighting, and even displays.

Research has shown that each tile is capable of generating up to 2.1 watts of electricity every hour, being made largely out of rubber and other 100% recycled materials to keep it eco friendly. Let us hope it ends up being reality sooner rather than later.

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