iModela iM-01
If you’ve always wanted your very own 3D printer but was forced to reconsider due to limitations (price, space constraints etc); you might want to check out Roland’s latest offering. The Japanese company has recently released a brand new 3D printer called the iModela iM-01. This tiny device should have no problem sitting on your desk next to your computer – or even on top of it (should its size and shape permit).

The iModela iM-01 connects to your computer via USB, and uses a mix of plastic, wax, balsa wood, and foam to produce your creations. This tiny 3D printer is perfect for printing your own collectible figures (like those you find in stores selling Japanese toys), trinkets – and basically anything that’s small enough to fit into a pocket. It might not be the fastest, or most efficient printer available on the market, but with a price tag of $1,000 and a footprint of a regular sized printer, that’s not too bad.

Check out a video demonstration of the Roland iModela iM-01:

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