Fishing is an activity that not only requires plenty of patience, you also need skill to nab that strong swimmer who is tugging on your line. Of course, anglers who duel with such fishes absolutely love the challenge that comes along with it, as there is the thrill of the chase to enjoy oneself. Well, some of us who find fishing to be rather boring might perk up upon hearing the unique Pack-Rifle which might just rekindle your interest in fishing. Why do I say so? Well, this unique device is not only a fishing rod that you can bring with you on your trips, it also can be converted to a rifle if required.

Manufactured by Utah-based Mountain View Machine & Welding, Inc., the Pack-Rifle is not only lightweight, it is weather resistant as well, and sports a single shot, .22 caliber takedown rifle that was machined from high strength aluminum. Carbon fiber is the material of choice when it comes to the rifle’s butt stock tube, while the majority of the unit’s wear parts and fasteners rely on stainless steel in their construction. Just don’t bring this along with you on your next fishing trip that requires you to fly to your destination – the Pack-Rifle certainly won’t make it past security. I like the way how you can hook a fish and fire the rifle at it to end its struggling, although it won’t be a pretty sight.

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