Gametel of Sweden has a spanking new accessory that targets Android-powered smartphones, and this particular add on will allow them to enjoy games over a D-pad compared to using virtual buttons on the phone’s touchscreen display. I know games like Muffin Knight would certainly benefit from this, as I tend to miss the button when I play it on my HTC Sensation, but for other less demanding titles like Let’s Golf, not having physical buttons is no issue at all. Imagine with this Bluetooth accessory, you will more or less be able to transform your HTC, LG or Samsung smartphone into an Xperia Play – sort of, anyways. While it needs not be connected physically to your phone to work because of Bluetooth, it will still feature a clamp that is capable of gripping around any Android phone – as long as the display is no larger than 4.2″, that is. It will retail for around £50 thereabouts, and it has been proven to be compatible with more than 50 games in the Android Market at press time.

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