Flash developers may be devastated to hear that Adobe will be discontinuing support for Flash on mobile devices, but the good news is that Google is here to save the day, sort of. Google has unveiled their new Swiffy plug-in for developers using Adobe’s Flash Professional developer tool, and basically what it does is that it allows Flash developers to convert their Flash animations into HTML5, a standard which many web developers are starting to turn to.

“One of our main aims for Swiffy is to let you continue to use Flash as a development environment, even when you’re developing animations for environments that don’t support Flash,” said Esteban de la Canal, Google software engineer, in a blog post. “To speed up the development process, we’ve built the Swiffy Extension for Flash Professional. The extension enables you to convert your animation to HTML5 with one click (or keyboard shortcut).”

As far as non-developers are concerned, this means that you should still be able to experience the same Flash-like content on your mobile browser, except it will be in HTML5 format instead. Of course this is largely dependent on the developer, and it’s up to them if they want to convert their animations into HTML5.

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