TUI.TARMicrosoft recently had a contest where groups of students from different colleges were challenged to develop new, innovative ways of using the Microsoft Touch Mouse. For those not in the know, Microsoft’s Touch Mouse is a specially designed that features a touch surface that allows commands to be input through gestures instead of just clicking like we normally do. Using this advanced mouse, the student groups managed to come up with interesting ways to take advantage of its capabilities.


Microsoft selected six teams out of the 30 groups, and I gotta say some of them are pretty impressive. One of the entries that caught our attention is the TUI.TAR – using the Microsoft Touch Mouse, the group from Wellesley College, Massachusetts; managed to turn it into a simple instrument that emulates a guitar. In addition to performing music, the mouse can even be used to record and playback music made with itself.

Check out the video demonstration of the TUI.TAR and as well as the other winners in the contest:

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