Although protective cases for digital cameras are usually not required for obvious reasons, unless you are one who partakes in underwater shots, there are moments in life when you need to carry your sensitive equipment to less than safe places – at least, not in environments that your DSLR is used to. For instance, if you were to head out to the great wilderness, a foam case would do some good to prevent the lens from getting scratched, but if you were to experience a fall, then the DSLR is not going to get much protection – which is where the Cam Crate idea over at Kickstarter comes in handy. Basically, the Cam Crate is meant to be a hardened case for any full size DSLR alongside its attached lens.


On the outside, you will find it made out of hard, molded plastic, while the inside comprises of soft foam, complete with a water seal and latch to make sure nothing wet or humid will be able to make it through. The Cam Crate ought to be tough enough to fall down on a rock or dropped without missing a beat, and heck, since it floats, you won’t have any issue bringing it across the rapids. Should it roll off the production line, the Cam Crate is tipped to retail for $80 a pop.

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