Canon logoWith mirrorless compact system cameras being the trend these days, one has to wonder when will it be Canon’s turn to release a mirrorless system of their own. After all, Olympus has done it and so has Nikon, therefore it wouldn’t really be a stretch of the imagination to see Canon releasing such a camera model in the future.

Well as it turns out rumor has it that Canon could be set to release a mirrorless compact system camera in 2012. This was suggested in an interview with Canon’s managers in a Japanese camera magazine where the topic of mirrorless cameras came up. Based on the interview (which has been translated), Canon appears to be sending mixed signals about their plans for a mirrorless system.

They state that they plan to release such a camera in 2012, but they also mention that they want to “look at the market” before making a decision. They also question the usefulness of mirrorless systems and how it overlaps and might eat into the DSLR and compact camera market. It appears that this is more of a “if” situation rather than a “when”, so we suggest you not get your hopes up for a Canon mirrorless system in 2012. In the meantime we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled.

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