Imagine getting across the country on a train that is capable of hitting speeds of up to 500km/h – don’t you think that this is going to be a treat? It would eliminate the hassle of checking in an hour earlier for domestic flights, as well as doing away with those pesky security checkpoints at airports. China is at the forefront here, where their test train managed to achieve a speed of 500km/h on a railway line in Qingdao, Shandong province. This six-carriage train sports a tapered head, and boasts of a maximum drawing power of 22,800 kilowatts – which is a whole lot more compared to the current CRH380 trains that have just 9,600 kilowatts of drawing power, being 200km/h slower. Some of the high-tech materials that see action with this train include carbon fiber, magnesium alloy and sound insulation materials, and hopefully a working train at that speed will be able to serve the mass rapid transport industry around the world soon.


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