While the majority of us are unable to be a Formula 1 driver simply because we lack the natural talent and ability, there are video games to help us get a feel of the cockpit in one of these beastly machines. However, “driving” with a keyboard is not quite the real deal, hence gaming accessory companies have come up with a steering wheel instead. Having said that, the realism level in the living room constantly needs an increase in the ante, hence the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator coming into the picture. Professionals in the industry claim that this could very well be the best option in the world, but I guess you will need to give it a go before you can come to a similar conclusion, no?


The range of gadgetry will primarily include the rack mounted custom built simulation computer alongside a trio of co-joined flat-screen displays, where there is also a motion sensing system that will operate a range of games such as the F1, GT, NASCAR, Race 07, and R-Factor, where you will experience a variety of simulated road surfaces and arenas. Your ears will not be left out though, as the CXC Motion Pro II Simulator will also sport the 505 Watt 5.1 surround sound audio system. It seems that the high end model will retail for $32,000, where $8,000 will go to the panoramic display.

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