Taking the train home from work is usually a rather boring affair, but designer Jiang Qian has come up with an idea that could make the commute a bit more entertaining while maintaining safety. Dubbed the Game Strap, it essentially transforms the handles that people hold on to while riding the train into a gaming platform.

Sure there is the option of playing a handheld console like the Nintendo 3DS or the PlayStation Portable, but unfortunately that usually leaves you with both hands occupied which could prove dangerous as you might lose you balance when the train starts/stops. By implementing a gaming platform into these handles, Jiang Qian ensures that commuters will be entertained during the ride home while staying safe.

It will feature a small display which will be activated when the handle or strap has been grasped. Buttons are integrated into the sides of the handle allowing users access to it via their thumbs while still maintaining a grip on the handle. So far games like shooting, pinball, tetris and freekick have been suggested as quick and simple games that passengers could play during the commute. It’s a pretty decent idea but unfortunately it appears to remain a concept for now.

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