One’s privacy is of the utmost importance, and in this day and age where your smartphone device carries plenty of personal information, it makes perfect sense if you want to prevent others from intruding on your personal life by making sure your handset remains out of bounds from those with malicious intent. MIAmobi might have just the thing for you – with their SilentPocket range which makes your phone virtually impossible to hack – being the last line of ultimate defense against RFID (Radio Frequency Identifiers) that thieving brains rely on to scan for personal information from electronic devices, credit cards, passports and other devices.

When your smartphone is placed within the MIAmobi SilentPocket, it will offer instant silence whenever you drive, or are at the movies, or are simply chilling out with your long lost mate over a cup of coffee. All messages and emails will arrive when the phone is removed from the SilentPocket – of course, the alarms set on the phone will still ring, as that is separate from the cone of silence. Any takers?

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