One thing that both men and women can agree on – they tend to disagree on many things. When it comes to home design, the same principle applies, so some sort of understanding must be arrived at if the home were to exist in harmony. Most of the working class guys out there would definitely welcome a Porsche in their homes, but how about the idea of just the rear end of a Porsche 996 that holds a 42″ flat panel TV in the process? The lady of the house will most probably not find this too amusing, as a TV rack or shelf might be far more practical.

As for the guys, this is a custom hand-built 2005 Porsche 996 TV Entertainment Center, where you can choose the color of your choice, boasting 100% original parts, including the rims, tires and brake calipers. As long as the TV of your choice is no larger than 42″, it is all good.

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