Never mind how many Earth-like planets scientists have discovered, or proof of water on Mars, there is still no place like home. The third rock from the sun, our dear Earth has been in existence for some time already, and looks set to continue to do so in the years ahead despite predictions of doomsday raining down on our parade almost every year. Here is one geeky device that will certainly do its bit to harness the free sunlight that we get each day – a DIY Star Trek mailbox. This is no ordinary contraption to stash away all your mail, but rather, it can light up using electricity harnessed from the power of the sun, as the Mailbox Enterprise continues on its quest to check out newspaper articles and coupons that no one else has cut out before. Too bad there is no deflector shields available that will keep junk mails out. I have peered into my crystal ball, and figured out that someone from the Star Wars camp might want to conjure an equivalent, using the Death Star as the template instead.

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