If you love playing the guitar but perhaps you’re not too deft at music theory and memorizing chord shapes and such, Tabstrummer is a device that ought to make guitar players who rely on tabs quite happy, allowing chords to be programmed into the device and played back by pressing the buttons/keys on the neck of the “guitar”.

Built around an Atmel microcontroller, it features a MIDI out connection and an add-on MIDI sound shield from Sparkfun Electronics with an onboard audio out jack that allows you to plug the Tabstrummer to a pair of headphones, speakers or even your TV’s audio input. The “strings”, according to Tabstrummer, are PCB traces which are touch sensitive and widely spread out, giving users the ability to “pluck” individual “strings”.

It seems like the creators behind Tabstrummer are planning to turn it into a commercial product, although exactly how viable such a product is remains a mystery. However if you’d like to learn more about the Tabstrummer and check out some videos of it in action, head on down to their website for more info.

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