uFlavorA new startup is attempting to take the soda-world by storm with its new service called uFlavor. This ambitious service aims to put soda creation in the hands of the community – if you don’t like what’s available in the market, you’re more than welcome to create your own at uFlavor. And just like Threadless (where user-created shirts are sold to other users), user-created sodas can be sold to other users as well, making them a cut of the profits. Good sodas can be upvoted to the top by the community, so that new users will know what to check out.

Users get to choose from 42 different “ingredients” to come up with their own soda, plus they’ll be able to design the packaging for their own drinks. At the moment it’ll be internet delivery service, but in the future uFlavor intends to introduce vending machines where users can log into their accounts to look up their favorite sodas or something they’ve created – and the machines will mix the soda on the spot.

Expect terrible tasting sodas to be available from the site – but that’s the fun of it right? Trying out as many different things as you can. Plus, you’ll never know how good something is without tasting the opposite end of the spectrum first. But if you’re the creator of such a drink, you can be pretty sure other users will be more wary of what you make in the future. Sounds like a very interesting service to me, and I for one, hopes uFlavor takes off with a bang. Find out more at the uFlavor website.

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