Many have felt that Windows Phone Mango was what Windows Phone should have been like when it first launched, which some believe would have made it a platform that could have competed with iOS and Android, and it also makes us wonder how will their next update, Windows Phone Tango, hold up against the competition.

It seems that new rumors are suggesting that Windows Phone Tango could be coming soon and might be making an appearance at CES 2012. The update is a small update in the sense that it will not be a major update like Mango – that will be the job of Windows Phone Apollo which some refer to as Windows Phone 8.

While the full list of features of Tango is unknown at this point, some features expected from Tango include support for LTE networks and support for smaller resolution displays, i.e. budget phones. So could we be seeing Tango being launched at CES 2012? We could, or we couldn’t, but either way we suggest taking this information with a grain of salt for now.

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