For those living in Japan, it seems like you’re in for a technological treat. Tokyo-based lighting tech startup, Net LED Technology, will be selling their NetLED system in Japan come February 20th, which for those who are unfamiliar is apparently the world’s first cloud-based LED lighting system which can be controlled via your smartphone.

Basically the user would have to install at least one WiFi enabled tube which can then be connected to up to three NetLED lights. The 40W lights apparently have a 40,000 hour lifespan, which is equivalent to about 4.56 years assuming you keep the lights on for 24 hours daily. Users will also be able to control each tube over the internet via a NetLED app that can be installed on a PC, smartphone or tablet. The iPhone app is currently available, with the iPad and Android app expected to arrive this summer.

The app will apparently also allow the user to track energy usage in real time and automatically aggregates date over an extended period of time. These lights however do not come cheap. The control box/router set is expected to set you back $780 alone, with the WiFi enabled tube to cost $260 each, while each NetLED light will set you back $180. No word if and when Net LED Technology plans to take this technology international, but if they did, any takers? [Net LED Technology’s English website]

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