[CES 2012] There is one advantage about having a device that boasts of USB connectivity – it is full well capable of juicing up just about anywhere, as long as there is a USB power source that can come in the form of a portable battery, wall adapter or notebook/computer. Kanex has just unveiled their Sydnee at CES 2012, where this sleek recharging solution delivers 2.1A of juice to each of its four USB ports, so that you are able to juice up your iOS-powered devices faster than ever before – up to four of them at once, of course. Since 2.1A of power is delivered, even the iPad is not exempt, and can join in the party without batting an eyelid. Of course, other devices that have a USB port and can be recharged that way are also more than welcome. Too bad you only have two color choices to choose from – Onyx or Snow, as the Sydnee arrives in the market at the end of Q1. I admit, this is a pretty strange name to have, and perhaps Kanex is paying homage to Australia’s thriving and bustling city.

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