Before you take off your glasses and say, “Mother of God…”, read on. Bruno Zamborlin has come up with a unique microphone which is capable of creating a gestural interface using any hard surface that is available. Zamborlin himself cannot really explain the system which he has dubbed “concatenative synthesis,” and we have no idea as to what the small microphone is hooked up to in the video right after the jump. What we do know is this – it is a highly portable computer system, and the thought of using “concatenative synthesis” for interface and interaction in methods and places that you never thought possible is just mind warping.


Just what would you do with Zamborlin’s system if you were to be able to take advantage of it without being limited to any of the laws of physics? I would be quite sure that the House of Nintendo would surely be able to wring something out of this idea for a new gaming concept that will be laughed at in the beginning before the rest of the industry follow their lead.

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