AMD LogoBack in 2006, AMD acquired ATI in order to gain foothold in the GPU business – but did you know that it could have been NVIDIA in ATI’s place instead? According to a report from Forbes, which recently got an ex-AMD employee to spill the beans – AMD had NVIDIA as first pick but the deal was killed off because NVIDIA’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, had insisted on being chief executive of the combined company. So instead of NVIDIA, AMD went ahead with the acquisition of ATI instead.

What a choice that turned out to be – NVIDIA went forward to dominate the graphics processor industry, and then made a splash in the mobile industry with its Tegra chips and it doesn’t look like its momentum is going to die out soon. But then again, who knows what could have happened if AMD actually bought NVIDIA – things might turn out differently as well. Read more about the whole story here.

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