Apps BuilderIf you have a website and you want to turn it into an app but you have no idea how to, you’re in luck. Apps Builder, has got a solution for you. Called Apps Builder as well, its online service lets people easily come up with mobile apps on their browser, using a simple drag and drop interface. With it, users can come up with iOS, Android, HTML-based web apps and Chrome web apps. Apps Builder has been around for some time now, but it started gaining a lot of traction recently, when it passed its 20,000 apps milestone.

Apps Builder is touted to be a fast, easy, and convenient way to turn your website/blog into a web app. It promises to be 100% customizable without any coding, and you can personalize it with your own graphics and choice of colors. I tried it out for a few minutes, and while everything looked simple enough, a bit of trial and error (or reading a tutorial) is required in order to come up with something. But since there’s no need to learn any code, it shouldn’t be too difficult.

The service costs $19 per app per month for the basic service, $49 per app per month for advanced service or $799 per app per year for the professional service (Apps Builder does the job for you). However, there is a free version that will let you create a web-app just for you to try out the service. Check out the promo video below:

The thing is: this is most likely an app that is a simple “container” of your website. That’s a pretty juicy business model, and we wonder if that’s really worth investing in it since users could also put a shortcut to your website from their browsers. In any case, you can find more at Apps Builder

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