Buhel Speakgoggle G33 IntercomIf you’re looking for a new pair of goggles to go with your new skis and outfit on your next ski trip, you might want to check out the Buhel Speakgoggle G33 Intercom. While most goggles are only capable of protecting your eyes from the snow, and bright light, the Buhel Speakgoggle takes it up a notch: by acting as a hands-free kit for your mobile phone as well. It uses Bluetooth to pair up with your device, and features buttons on the side of the goggles for you to control the playback of your music or to pick up and answer calls – a good idea since the gloves on your hands will probably prevent you from using your touchscreen anyway.

The goggles also features a special microphone that picks up vibrations sent through your facial bones, picking up speech while eliminating background noise at the same time for clear communications. You’ll no longer need to shout to be heard while on the phone. And for those of you who don’t have phones to pair with, the Speakgoggle G33 Intercom can connect to up to six other G33 Intercom goggles for group audio conferencing. Check out a video of it in action:

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