Oakley Thump 2Back in December last year, there were rumors of Google working on some augmented reality glasses running on Android and today, more information regarding them has surfaced. The folks over at 9to5Google have reported that according to their tipster who has seen a prototype of the glasses, they resemble the Oakley Thump 2 (pictured above) and will have a front facing camera for gathering information and aiding AR apps.

Apparently the glasses will also be able to take pictures, and the prototype even had a flash to aid with photography at night. However it was noted that the camera was extremely small and likely to be capable of only a few megapixels. The HUD is said to be only for one side, is not transparent; and the glasses won’t have dual-3D configurations like was previously mentioned.

The navigation is also said to use head-tilting motions for scrolling and clicking, and is supposedly easy to learn and almost unnoticeable to outside users once perfected. Apparently Google is unsure about whether the glasses have a mass market appeal and is trying to figure out how to sell them. A test pilot program like what it did with its Cr-48 Chromebooks might also be used for these glasses – which might actually kick off pretty soon.

As usual with all rumors, we’ll just have to take this one with a pinch of salt. I guess time will tell if we actually see these glasses made available to the public – assuming they exist in the first place. What do you think? Would you be keen on rocking a pair of Google AR glasses?

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