Steve Jobs has certainly been one of the more enigmatic CEOs of this generation, and while his passing is certainly a huge blow to the tech industry, others have decided to remember him in zany ways such as creating an action figure line (which obviously did not take off), and now there is the iFeng 4S limited edition blow dryer available for sale at China’s online Tmall. Too bad out of this homage which is full of hot air, only a century of those will have “Steve Jobs 1955-2011” embossed in gold. No idea on whether Steve would have cringed at looking at this blow dryer, considering how it is not even on Apple’s product radar, but it would take a rather hardcore Apple fan to pick up something like this, don’t you think so? At least it is highly affordable at around $15.70 after conversion for each iFeng 4S blow dryer. I do not think that hoarding this is going to make it worth a fortune down the road…


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